Many revere Him as the greatest spiritual leader, some consider Him as the supreme educator and universal teacher while yet there are many who consider Him as the humanitarian of highest order. However, simply and without any qualification, He is Love personified and an inexhaustible reservoir of compassion who has reached millions of hearts across the globe from the little hamlet of Puttaparthi which was very trival and inaccessible by even a motorable road when He embarked on His mission! Through His simple and sweet exposition of the greatest and most intricate of spiritual truths which form the fundamental teachings of all the religions of the world, He has inspired millions to lead a more purposeful and worthier life by adhering to the universal and timeless principles of Sathya (Truth), Dharma (Righteousness), Shanthi (Peace), Prema (Love) and Ahimsa (Non-Violence). His gospel of unconditional love expressed through selfless service to humanity, continues to inspire thousands of voluntary initiatives worldwide transcending all boundaries of race and religion. Elucidating on His mission, He has declared "I have come not to disturb or destroy any faith, but to confirm each in his own faith, so that the Christian becomes a better Christian, the Muslim a better Muslim and the Hindu a better Hindu." He is, thus, a beacon of hope in a world that is desperately seeking an end to the unrest and sorrow prevalent today. His message of "Unity of Faiths" based on his model of "Brotherhood of Man and the Fatherhood of God" is a spiritual salve that will lead mankind from the darkness of ignorance to the light of immortality. Indeed, very rarely does such a persona walk the earth. Very truly did one devotee say, "Baba is nothing but Love walking on two feet!" And, as different faiths enshrine in themselves the most simple truth that God is Love, verily, Sri Sathya Sai Baba is God for His devotees reverentially call Him Swami!

© Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, West Bengal