Sanjay Bhunia’s life followed a set pattern. Toiling the whole day and returning in the late evening to his home, a shack on College Street in North Kolkata, he would snatch some moments with his family and then, after taking a frugal meal, he would retire for the night. One night in 2012, he prepared his bed as usual on the pavement and gave his tired limbs the much needed rest. Little did he know, before slipping into deep sleep, that life would not be the same again and that fate was  about to play a cruel joke on him. In the dead of night a killer vehicle, steered by a drunken driver, came roaring down the road and, climbing on to the pavement, mercilessly ran over the sleeping Sanjay crushing both him and his dreams. The screams of agony brought people living nearby to the scene. Some of them rushed the unconscious Sanjay to a nearby hospital.  After a long period of battling with death in the hospital, the 30 years old young man was brought home, paralyzed waist downwards. Since that fateful day Sanjay has been crippled and bedridden. To make matters worse, his wife deserted him taking with her their only child. His mother and uncle have been taking care of his daily physical needs for over four years now. Once the breadwinner of the family, Sanjay’s life now became a saga of despair.  Sri Pramod Kumar Thakur, Convenor of Burrabazar Samithi of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organizations, West Bengal, Kolkata and popularly known as Thakurda, is ever alert to the needs of fellow men, especially those from deprived sections of society. After all our Divine Master has taught us that helping the helpless is the highest form of seva. Walking down College Street, Thakurda would observe the forlorn figure lying on a makeshift bed. One day he approached the youth and made some kind enquiries about his condition. Sanjay narrated his story with all its painful details, overwhelmed by the fact that there were still people ready to show interest in him. Prompted by Mother Sai, Thakurda sprang into action. The thought struck him that the best succour which could be given to a young man who had lost his mobility, was help in rendering him mobile again. What about gifting a wheelchair to him, which would enable him to move about in his neighbourhood?  A suitable wheel chair was procured for the young, incapacitated man without any delay.  On 28 February 2016, Thakurda accompanied by a few other members of the Organisation, visited Sanjay and handed over the wheel chair to him -  a gift of love from Bhagawan. Sanjay had no words. The tears rolling down his cheeks said it all. I SALUTE YOU THAKURDA.  Sairam Sai Ram

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