With the Advancement of Technology and Communication, Universities in West Bengal made this decision of moving their Form filling for admission to Under Grdauate Courses online. Though it was a giant leap, but it had its own limitations specific to a group of people who came from the under priveledged class and mostly residing in Villages, as the access to internet to these people is still very limited, and also includes quite a cost for them to bear. So this whole episode actually gave our State Organization to take this up as an opportunity to stand besides those people who need our help, and in lines with the ideals set by our Divine master, we took this up as a state level aciitvity to reach out to those people who did not have access to internet nor the expertise to fill up forms online.    This activity was taken up by all Districts, spearheaded by Hooghly, followed up by Kolkata, Howrah, Darjelling, North 24 Paraganas and others. Such centers were set up all over the Districts, mostly in and around the rural population. In Hooghly alone, 10 centers were setup, which almost covered the whole District. Immaculate planning and mock drills were done before the D-day arrived. This activity also included fringe youths, and outside youths who showed keen ineterest in making this activity a grand success.    And as Swami says, 'You take one step, and I will Take 10 steps' and so He did. Almost 2500 stduents from Hooghly alone, and another 1500 from the other Districts made this activity a grand success. The joy in the eyes of the students and their parnets said it all!!! We plan to expand this activity even to greater levels in the upcoming academic session. 

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