The Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations, India, solemnly observes a month of 'Giving and Forgiving' from 28th March, 2016 – 27th April, 2016... A Silent Offering...a Seva-Sadhana Vandana...a Prem Aradhana for our Beloved Master - Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. The days spanning March - April 2011 was a profound phase that not only jolted those hearts as yet devoted to Bhagawan, but crucially impacted all of mankind, for it included a Divine Decision...the enactment of a momentous episode that brought on a storm of emotions, shook the earth...jarring the soul...while impactng the destiny of humanity. To celebrate the same, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations,West Bengal organised many activities across the three wings both at personal and Samithi Level throughout the Prema Aradhana Month.  Every Member adhered to the 9 point of Code of Conduct for this month, and tried to imbibe it in their own regular Life going forward also. Community Bhajans and Nagar Sankirtan were conducted across the State in many public centers, temples and obviously Sai Mandirs. Veda Chanting was also done in all Sai Mandirs on a daily basis throughout the month. Study Circle were done to make members and outsiders more aware of Swami's teachings and to make them a way of Life for all, and practice the values taught by Our Master, ' Individual Transformation can lead to Global Transformation' Extensive Seva Sadhana was taken up throughout the state covering all the nook and corners of West Bengal. The glory of Sai permeated throughout the state of Bengal. Cleaning and Sanitaion Camps, Medical Camps, Narayan Seva, Blood Grouping and Blood Donation Camps, Tree Planatation, were taken up by almost all Districts of West Bengal.  Around 12500 Narayana were given prasadam on 24th April only. Around 650 people donated blood across the State. Around 10000 patients were treated in Medical Camps across the State. Around 5000 tree saplings were planted in various Districts.  With the diving blessing of Our Beloved Master, state of West Bengal aspires to take this mission forward, as after our Master's Samadhi, 'Our life is His Message' and we should not forget this, and march forward with all the values He has taught us, and spread this across the World and in the process be better human beings, as for all of us Self Transformation is the only GOAL.   

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