Since 14 April 2001, which marked the Bengali New Year day, the organisation has assumed the onerous task of taking care of destitute children, around 30-35 in numbers, who live and sleep on the platform at the Dum Dum Metro Railway Station. Each morning, a group of Sai youth and other Sai volunteers (sevadals) reach the railway platform at 6:30 am, wake up the little toddlers (and a few grown-ups!), brush their teeth, and bathe them. Thereafter, academic lessons based on elementary education and human values are held which combine elements of interest and fun, while at the same time moral values and the basic habits of hygiene are inclucated. This is followed by a healthy breakfast consisting of chapattis, vegetables, and a glass of milk for each child. A significant and positive change has been observed in the children, given their venomous surroundings. They have been able to give up bad habits and addictions to a large extent . A considerable reduction of slang has been witnessed in their daily dialect. With the seeds of discrimination blossoming in their heart, they have stopped resorting to begging and committing petty crimes, with older children motivated to eke out their daily living in a righteous manner.

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