The National Disaster Management Initiative of SSSSO India is taken up by volunteers and trained teams in most states. The DM initiative in West Bengal too is moving in the right direction and, in the days to come, will take further strides in all districts and towns. 

As part of its work in the Service Wing, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Orgns, West Bengal is actively engaged in capacity building towards disaster preparedness for natural as well as man-made calamities. This is carried out though intensive training of its volunteers (sevadals) and institutions. 

Objectives of the DMT Programme  

The programme aims at preparing teams of volunteers who will rush to the most affected areas in the shortest possible time to undertake rescue, relief and rehabilitation work. 

The module for the DMT programmeof SSSSO is common across all the states in IndiaTrainees undergo two days’ training on becoming first responders in case of a calamity through developing skills on various rescue techniques, ropes knots, fire fighting, water rescue, building rescue, first aid and team building. The need for such specialised disaster preparednessdiscussion on the science of natural calamities and motivational aspects are also dealt with during the programme. The programme is a judicious mix of hands-on indoor and outdoor demonstrations as well as classroom sessions.  

In addition to the DMT, the Organisation also conducts one day and half day programmes on Disaster Awareness for schools, colleges, local populace and institutions.  

We are ensuring that youth of all the 34 villages covered under the Sri Sathya Sai Village Integrated Programme (SSSVIP) are imparted this training and provided necessary equipment. 

In line with the spirit of work in SSSSO, all these activities are conducted free of cost with the sole objective of preparing oneself to become a useful human being. 

Anyone interested in joining the DM work as a volunteer may contact us in their respective districts.  

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